Monday, January 23, 2012

Many years ago I was really taken in by the plot of the moovie "THE STING". It showed real cunning in racing and is a much watch movie for racing fans. Also in my life I have been fortunate to raed most of the fascinating books written by the jumps jockey DICK FRANCIS who had first hand knowledge of the inside details of the deeds and minds of people associated with racing in Europe and he came out with amazing tales of how people plan and often succed in fooling the racing system.

With no intent to hurt anybody's sentiments or reputation, the script of the recntly run Indian Classics INDIAN 1000 Guineas & INDIAN OAKS makes me reminiscent about the books of the above mentioned rider cum author.

SMASHING with an immacable record and form was favored to win the 1000 Guineas and horses like ALMA MATER and othewrs were considered to be ordinary in comparison based on breeding, opposition faced and so on. However the race was run totally against the script presumed by most and SMASHING was found to be in trouble and hugging on to the rails even at two furlong marker, the rider also lost his stick in the confusion as the public watched in awe as the other horse from the stable who was at big odds started to eat up ground like a champion and finished well to cover many lengths in the last scramble. The owners must have made a killing at the odds.

All the hoopla in the stables was focussed on the preparation and breeding and what not of the top contenders for the OAKS and now ALMA MATER looked to be a cut above all. One of the top foreign jockey rides her and draws most of people's money onto the fancied one. The race run will show an amazing turn around, SMASHING who was available at killing odds has no problems in staying the trip of 50 % extra than when she floundered in Guineas and shows tremendous liking for this trip and goes awy with a turn of foot to amaze all except who may have plotted this run. The favored ALMA MATER is found well back most of the time and then runs into traffic problems under a master of the big races and appears on the scene only when the winner has gone well away. It must have been a good gamblefor the owners and connections of the failed favorite of the Guineas.

For years I have been suggesting in my humble way the need for grouping horses belonging to the same connections as is done in advanced countries in the world. Why leave people fumong with doubts and what not. The DOOSRA game is repeated in our racing centres with repeated regularly and this is a menace which spoils the image of this fine sport of whic I am an avid fan.


Allan Paul said...

i will never forget my darling 'southern empire' loosing 'bombay derby' to 'diabolical'... i wish MAM will pen his life story before he kicks the bucket.

C K Ramprasad said...

Mr Sharat,

U r right to the tilt reg Doosra.
On sat Bang races there was a fantastic exhibition of Doosras.In a race of eight contenders we had Aztec Gold/Native lady,Sun spirit/sun control, nd Scarlette/African queen nd of course two other non hopers.
Sun spirit/Aztec Gold/Scarlette were joint favourites. The result Native Lady/Sun Control/African queen.What else a Bookie aspire for.Bookies r left with no sacks to shovel the loot. Punters r bewildered with the results be it in Bom/Bangalore/Hyd or of course Mysore. In another race of Four runners three horses r joint favourites at 5/2 nd the fourth horse at 15/1 Hilarious with a bluemoon jockey Selvaraj wins with a peculiar re run.Ifran Ghatala has lost account of RKWs horses in his stable nd God save the punters who follow his stable.

Ur comments on Oaks/Guiness reverse smashing punch is well scripted and it is for the punters not to bother about Big races like derby etc. They r meant to b watched and not for Betting.

May ur tribe increase


Anonymous said...

IT WAS obviously clear, shroff will not make almamater(ruia team) to win, b'coz vijay b shrike and v.mallya are big owners...even i was doubtful, with r.hughes riding, just to fool the public rk

Anonymous said...

i played almamater just bcoz u recommended...i also knew that he will not go for ruia team (small group compared to vm and vb shrike)

give some good wins in mysore today.

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