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1. The 2009-2010 season culminated with the last race held at Hyderabad on 25th of Oct. Racing activity sees a total break at all centres except for Delhi which has a most backward approach towards the sport due to reasons unknown. Apart from the plum events during the winter season, interest of race lovers will be on the juveniles who will be initiated in racing at all centres . In fact a couple of races for the juveniles have already taken place during the last few days of Pune season. The break of a few days provides us opportunity to have a look at the performance of the sires in the year gone by, specially with reference to the three year olds which is a pointer to the young stock of two years who will be initiated to the tracks in the coming winters. A good number of two year olds are already working in the morning tracks and would be active soon on the turf.
2. The early value of a juvenile race horse is primarily judged from the Sire’s potential and established record with the previous crops and his potential to produce classic/graded race winners. The focus remains on winners in the early part of the season as winners of maiden races can then on progress for the tougher competition and higher classification .Sires are known to provide early winners or precocious stock and are preferred for this important trait of theirs. The structure of racing in India provides for such early juvenile winners to pick up better stakes than when they race in handicap races. Hence a lot of attention is given to the Sires who perform well with offspring’s who come to hand quickly and promise more achievements in early stages of their career.

3. Let us now take a look at the performance of the sires for the three year olds during the gone by racing calendar. A total of 1497 live foals ( 56 are got abroads) were reported for the year 2007 by the stud Book Of India publication “Return Of The Mares” and due to various causes a small percentage of these did not race. Out of these about 125 foals from stud farms catering mainly for Chennai and Ooty racing centres from the 5 sires located in that zone ( ALWAYS A RAINBOW, FOYER, MAGISTRETTI, PREDAPPIO and STAR SUPREME ) are not being considered as coverage at these centres is not reported by media and the racing activity is insignificant there. In rest of the country about 365 of these three year olds (listed against their respective sires) have gone on to win races, a small percentage indeed.

4. A total of 142 sires have sired the crop of 2007 out of which 38 sires stood outside the country and the foals were got abroad. 53 resident and 18 standing abroad sires have got winners so far. For record sake as of date 122 registered sires are located in various stud farms and private yards.The details of the winning sires are discussed hereafter. The number of winners and the total produce are given in brackets. The black type winners are listed in capital letters and the black type performers are in slanted italics. The number of wins of more than one race are given in brackets against the names respectively.

1. AJAAD (4/15)- Diamond Caves(2), Buggati (2), Alexander Square(2) and Super Gold(2).
2. ALNASR ALWASHEEK(15/38)- STRING ALONG(4), AWARDING(2), Rapture of Victory(4), Foreign Exchange , Sun Elegance, Andromaque, Ballibay, Smart Ways, Golden Quest, Blackjack(2) Elite Land, Running Sun, Alybro, Angel’s Pursuit, and Ashwa Prerna.
3. ANSBACH(2/7)- Laguinnas and Flying Majesty.
4. BEE’S PROSPECTOR (3/25)-Breaking Mould, Kryptonite and Energetic Girl(2).
5. BRAVE ACT (9/25)- Aztec Gold(2),Awesome Iindian (2), Princess Nero(4), Archer(2),Love Conquers All (2 ), Rezoom (2) Soviet Melody , Camorra and Crown Vision.
6. BURDEN OF PROOF(15/33)- APRILLIA(4), TSAVORITE(3), SIACHEN (2), Carla , Ciel Indianne, Bucethalis (3), Sweet Caroline(2),Eagle Claws (2), Supremacy (2), Abnoba (2), Corvette, Dutchess of York, Saddle Chief, and Clear Mandate.
7. CASE LAW(4/22)- Moheena, Winning Desire(2), Rasili and Fearless Mission.
8. CHINA VISIT(14/33)- MOONLIGHT ROMANCE (3), XISCA(3), Sunlight(3),Sky Train(2), Star of Roses(2), Saloni(2), The Leader, Sun Dancing, Perpetual Glory, Hillary, Born To Fly , Ocean Admiral , Star Invitation, Icon and Young Sapper.
9. CLASSIC TALE(1/2)-Dancing Blaze.
10. DANCING BEGGAR(3/9)- Jewel in The Crown (3), Aspire (3) and Regal View.
11. DIFFIDENT(20/40)- SUPERIOR QUEST (4), SCIONIC (2) , VIJAY MONARCH (2), Sunspirit (2), Serenity (2), Keringdinghan, Viva La Diva , Star Future (4) Ocean Wish (3), Hard Kingdom(2) The Darling Boy (2) Mark of Genius, Cuba Libre, Conquistarose, Ocean Legacy, Ocean Oddessey, Black Knight, Mystic Dawn, Spark of Napoleon and Ashwa Prahar
12. DON MICHELETTO(4/15-) MagicMillion, Don Valentine, Sun Dawn and Arcturus.
13. DUJA(6/19)-Chnatilly Jewel, Xavier, Lily, Persian Lily, Flashy Conquest and Part Time Lover.
14. EL JOHAR (7/25)- Must Be Magic(2), My Fair Lady(2), Chayanandan, Dazzle, Glengyle, Sterling Cruise and Ajayjeet.
15. EMERALD CAT (21/59)- SIRONO(2), MACCHUPICHU(2), Secret Love ,Make My Day, Spark of Desire(2),A Move To Remember(2),Spark Of Harmony(2), Titlist (2) Cationic(2) Sparkling cat(2), Illustrious(2), Roman Legion, Flash Of Emerald, Dance N Celebrate, Black Super Star, Delphi, Brutus, Emerald, One Cool Cat, Scarlet Knight and Emerald Valley.
16. EPICENTRE(13/39)- Jabel Queen(2), Rich Radiant(2), Airborn Magic(2), Daxia(2), Striking Gold(2), The Kohinoor(2), Drayton, Chief Justice, Crown Castle, Star Of Hyderabad, Indian Epic , Rose and Gabriel.
17. FLITCH (7/18) -Dancing Beauty (3), Armador (2), Flying Jewel (2), Alamara, Beautiful Life, Legendary Hero and Wild Ppower.
18. FOREST GAZZELE(1/7)- Silver Guest
19. FANTABULOUS KING (1/5 )- Gunpowder.
20. GASWAR (17/35)-IMMENSE(4), Kohinoor Wish(5),Astounding Gallop, Malabar Prince, Aloisia(3),Portatone (3), sunny’s Secret (2), Samsonite (2), You’re An Aeton, Deepanjali, Good Shot, Pluto Queen, Rocket Ball, Al Saraah, Mandira and Day Trader.
21. GLORY OF DANCER (13/34)–NAPOLEON(3),ELOISE(3),BEAUTIFUL STRANGER, AgentArchie, Batista(2),Aliyana(2), National Glory, Rigel, Dear Henry, Nessie, Glorious Invention and Elizabeth.
22. GREENSMITH (3/18)- Inspired Move(3), Aspring Star and Friendly Equation.
23. HAMMERSTEIN (3/15)- Classic Nymph, Pegasus Belle and Runjeet.
24. HURRICANE STATE –(10/44)-Con Artiste, Flying Tricolour(2), Ashleen State(2), Skyliner, Missoni, Stormy Red, Abroath, Cape Ferrat, Alisa and Foswell.
25. HYMN(7/31)-Kuchipudi (2), Commanding Heights(3), ,Zaracha(2), Master Blaster(2), Young Soldier(2), Antares and Askioz.
26. IKHTYAR(8/37)-Golden Queen(2), Berlusconi(2),Sky Diver(2), Carousal, Kilimanjaro, Petra, Walk Of Life, and Zoffany.
27. INHABITANT(8/28)- Rosemead(2),Petradura, Enchanted, Star Infinity,, Reinstate, Intizara , Sterling Silver and Jaldi.
28. INNER CITY (4/30)-Behram(3), Regal Classic(2), One Life To Live(2) and Perseverance.
29. INTERNATIONAL (3/11)- Happiness, The Himalayas, and Rising Rainbow.
30. ITAQUERE POWER (8/44)-Juno(2), Guiding Light(2) , Vijay Trishul (2),Sun Strikes(2) , Zoombastic, The Big Blast, Montedoro and Recharged.
31. JUNIPER (7/22)-Ice Mountain(2), Ashwa Panna (2), Spark Of Silver(2), Citrali(2), Stud Mufin, One For The Money and Deccan Pearl.
32. KLY GREEN (2/9)-First and Foremost (2) and True Future.
33. MAJOR IMPACT (7/23)-Bullet(2), Dance To The Tune(2), Aqualina, Crowned Princess, Lunar Quest, Sexy Eyes and Stormette.
34. MISCHEVIOUS MUSIC (6/13). My Tyson(3), Endurance(2), Island Rhythm(2),Pure Power, Its My Party and Star Of Desire.
35. MR MELLON (12/31)-Amoresque (3),Secret Fire(4) Zafayona (2), Keynote(2), Flower Of Music(2) , Oceanic Wind, Blue Mellon, Spanish Sahara, Sun Salvador, Proud Star, Oceanic Wisdom and Spark Of Galaxy.
36. MUDEER (2/10)-Dixie Bell(2) and Dimsum.
37. ONTARIO (19/60)- Ashwa Paarth (3), Rock It(2), Odds and Evens(2),Friendly Bond(2),Mystic Knight(2),Rio Grande(20, Star Of Killarney(2), Sun Control(2), Real Smasher(2), Arielle(2), Libery Ship, Star Experience, Sky Empress, Solid Gold, Ocean Power, Mystic Enchantress , Art Connoisseur and Queen Of Court.
38. PLACERVILLE (15/51) –HALL OF GLORY(4),MAGESTERIAL(2), Orient Glory(3), Ordained One(2), Record Breaker, Aryaveer (2),Dream Deal, Spark Of Atan, Ocean Emperor, Swift Star, Work Force, Star Of Venus, Heiress, Star Symphony and Samiel.
39. PENINE RIDGE (3/4 ) –Braavo(2),Yamas(2) and Hadrian.
40. PUERTO MADERO –(4/18)-Pathfinder(2), Sky Glider, Flame Back and Jaanvi.
41. RAMBUS (1/2)-Craven Cottage.
42. RAZEEN (9/22)-ALICE SPRINGS(3),Star Warrior(2),Star Empire(2),Power Colours(3), Avesco(2), Camacho, Sunstone, Athabasca Star and Sun Bird.
43. ROYAL GLADIATOR (10/32) –Deep Blue Sky, Methodical(3)Gift Of Love(2), Genius Empess (2), Red Passion(2), Royal Shaan, Tempus Fugit, Valahak, Moves Goodnight and Royal Prodigy.
44. ROYAL KINGDOM (7/25)- SU CHALIYO (2), SUN KINGDOM (3), Moon Star, Royal Highness(2), Starry Glow, Dante Rossti and Pallazio Grazzoli.
45. SERIOUS SPENDER (2/13)-Couleur Rouge(3) and Devil’s Advocate.
46. STEINBECK (1/3)-Nobel Glory.
47. STORM TROOPER (3/9)-Star Trainer(3),Laserre and Cascading Glory.
48. SENURE (10/23)-Ice Bound, Starrer, Debonnaire Girl, Khursaniyah, Xterme, Heat Haze, Banana Boy, Light My Way , Cest La Vie and Venus Rosewater.
49. SUSSEX (4/17)-Bala’s Glory(2), Fine Racer(2), Star Prospect(2) and Sure Speed .
50. TIROL (3/16)-Royal Saga(4),Elzaan (2) and Lambourn.
51. TEJANO (1/ 3)-Yas Marina(2).
52. WARRSHAN (8/27)-Fleet Commander(2), Bayberry(2), Unleashed (2) , Ocean Sonata, Moon Farer, Glorious Lady, Oasis Knight and Native Lady.
53. WHITE CROWN (1/9)-Mafia Chief.


55. BLACK CASH (3)
59. DAHYAH (2)
60. DARK NILE (5)
61. ENRICO (1)
66. LIBOR (9)
68. PROTÉGÉ (2)
70. ROSMINI (3)
74. STAVROS (1)

(a) . DIFFIDENT has been the most well performed of the lot this year. In his eighth crop he continues to be precocious and versatile. Limitations of stamina is a factor which may deny top labels for his crop. He may get some speedy ones to perform like KERINGDINGAN or STAR FUTURE in shorter versions.
(b) PLACERVILLE and RAZEEN, the two top sires (Hall Of Fame Sires) during the last decade are both aging and the crops are on the decline. One needs to wait for the impressive MAGESTERIAL to come up trumps on the big scene. CAMACHO impressed a lot in his last win and can come up as he has staying abilities in abundance. STAR WARRIOR and STAR EMPIRE have not lived upto the initial promise.
(c) AL NASR ALWASHEEK (Hall Of Fame Sire) continues to be impressive and has stated to go up on the stud farms higher rated Placerville. STRING ALONG & BLACKJACK needs to be considered for progress.
(d) EMERALD CAT has emerged as the impressive sire, his produce is precocious and speedy. He is yet to produce a classic type, MACCHIPICHU is the one who has scope.
(e) BURDEN OF PROOF (Hall Of Fame Sire) has produced flock of winners but does not appear to have any serious classic contender, SIACHEN is a classic hopeful. CARLA, CLEAR MANDATE and EAGLE CLAWS are progressive in outlook.
(f) CHINA VISIT is consistent, has produced some useful off springs, MOONLIGHT ROMANCE is a good one.
(g) GASWAR has done very well in last couple of years. IMMENSE is on the up and KOHINOOR WISH is the most prolific winner so far. ASTOUNDING GALLOP is showing some promise.
(h) GLORY OF DANCER will be prominent in winters on hard surfaces, ELOISE and BEAUTIFUL STRANGER in top competition will do well. ELIZABETH is an impressive sprinter.
(i) IKHTYAR’S produce should be watched with interest, they are on the up, BERLUSCONI , PETRA and KILMINJARO should do well.
(j) ROYAL KINGDOM is another consistent one, SUN KINGDOM and PALLAZIO GRAZOLI have capabilities.
(k) MAJOR IMPACT, MR MELLON , SENURE and WARRSHAN will have there share of fine sprinters, they have limitations of stamina in their blood. STORMETTE, STARRER and KHURSANIYA are appealing.
(l) ONTARIO who has done very well in last few years does not have any outstanding runner this time though his share of winners in sprints will always be appreciable.
(m) STEINBECK (Hall Of Fame Sire) has aged and hardly gets to cover mares.
(n) The freshman sires of the last couple of years have been quite ordinary. The good one EMERALD CAT passed away early, EPICENTRE appears to be one who has a fair share of winners and belongs to a stud which has done very well at Hyderabad and the crop of this stallion appears to be following the trend. HURRICANE STATE has performed pathetically in monsoons, needs to be given time though I feel his crop will not get longer distances. INHABITANT has been pretty mediocre. ITAQUERE POWER and SUSSEX may get winners at lower centres like Delhi/ Kolkata etc.


(a). DANEHILL STAR By Danehill x Princess Tracy/Ahonoora has a ltd crop of 8 foals to make any impression in the first year. The sire has a strong male line being the grand son of NORTHERN DANCER and has the prolific sire of the sires DANEHILL .
(b). EUROPION by Nuryev x Cinnamon Rose / Trempolino looks quite ordinary in breeding. The racing performance is good and he has a small crop of 19.
©. IMTIYAZ by Woodman x Shadayid / shaded is a well bred and decently performed sire who comes to a top farm and should evoke a lot of interest as he is likely to replace STORM TROOPER who was quite average performer at a stud which is feeding racers at the prime racing centres. The sire has done well by winning over 1400-2100 metres and is a sturdy performer on the European race tracks.He has a reasonable crop of 21.
(d). MAMBO MINSTREL by Mr Prospector x Minstrella /The Minstrel has average credentials and belongs to a stud farm with ltd potential. He has 17 foals in first crop.
(e) . OATH by Fairy King x Sheer Audacity/Troy has already had two runners on the track due to early arrival of the foals. The sire is a stayer who won Epsom derby and had ltd success in stud duties at Japan. The sire looks good to me and like most other sons of the incomparable NORTHERN DANCER should be watched with lots of interest as he has a large crop also. Plus he is likely to get some well bred mares at the famous stud. The stud farm has shown faith in him as he has a large crop of 40 foals.
(f). QUEST STAR by Broad Brush x Tinac / Manila could not sustain the change and passed away after a short tenure at stud duties at the uncomfortable locales of Rajasthan. The sire was a versatile racer and a stayer to the core. The breeding is quite ordinary as there is nothing much from the grand sire side. He has 24 foals.
(g). REBUTTAL is by Mr Greeley x Reboot / Rubiano. In bred to Mr Prospector the grand son of the famous GONE WEST has a fairly large number (41) of foals. The performance of the sire is average and the first crop has its task cut out to prove themselves here.
(h). SUNDAY DOUBT by Sunday Silence x Pas De Response moved into a stud farm of repute which has been dogged with uncertainty due to loss of sires at regular intervals. The crop of late grand son of HALO should be of interest as he was from a very well established stout male line which has always been the main criteria of imports at this farm. The cross with GRAND DAM of Northern Dancer is very encouraging and may nick well with the available dams here.


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