Saturday, November 6, 2010


1. The race appears to have two serious contenders; ie, MARK OF GENIOUS who had won all the way under an allowance jockey and SIX GUN SMITH who is looking good in tracks and has a good dam. The other horse who could fight for money is YOU’RE ROCKING who was pulled by jockey in summers in STUD MUFFIN’S race.

SIX GUN SMITH-Both ways .

2. SILVER SCEPTRE and YOU’RE MY LIFE both placed for first time in their last respective runs and should be on the job being youngsters. CLASSICAL CHARM has run very poorly so far to be considered despite good tracks.SMART EDITION has the rider to attract attention, has tracked well also. CHAMPS ELYSEES has run some close races in early part of career and looks to be in fine nick.


3. ABNOBA is a speedy one with a rookie, has tracked well. SPARK OF SILVER has no tracks?, looks negative on comparison. SUPER GOLD may place, impressed in gates. SURE SPEED won well on initiation, was considered a decent type, has come back to form, can give the top jockey his first win on return from disgrace.


4. A straight fight between EMERALD and FLAMEBACK. EMERALD has run with better types, has a nasty habit of swishing the tail. Other horses have no good jockeys or tracks or form.HARD TO PIN DOWN is tracking well, the jcokey is below par.


5. EINSTEIN is aged but has beaten good types before and looks better than other aged ones here. SOBERANO comes at par with the first mentioned but has a lousy jockey. CHINTZ has speed, the jockey is good and has won on this one last time, distance is sharp. STRING ALONG goes for a prepatory race for richer races hereafter, the present distance and the handicap according to me does not interest me at all. Another big negative factor is that the owner likes to take negative bets on his horses if odds are short.


6. EAGLE CLAWS had started her career impressively, beaten SIACHEN, may be in a made up race, then gone out of form. Present tracks are suggestive of fine form, can win. JUNO is a good one from this mediocre sire, has speed to worry all. BUGATTI has gates problems, the jockey does not install any confidence. MOOVES GOODENOUGH was never in the fray at Mysore, can upset.


7. YOU’RE KISSES DUE looks in top condition from tracks, has a strong jockey, weights are a worry. MR AMBASSADOR will like the underfoot conditions as also BATON ROUGE who is badly out of handicap. GLITERATTO is a moody one who is tracking well and has handicap in favor.


8. MISSY MOONLIGHT has not raced for long, may have been discreetly prepared. SKY DRIVE is working well. NECTAR CROWN has problems, does not look fit to me. ALLEGRO may place again.



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if it is possible kindly do shower us with your views on today Delhi races
thank you

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