Sunday, May 30, 2010


1. A SHOOTING STAR is a well bred who had worked very well in winters and the present tracks are very suggestive.DAY TRADER has been given a number of tracks by this very rider who is yet to open his account, the horse had run a faraway 2nd to YAS MARINA. COUNT ROYAL has a try jockey but this full brother to DOI MOI looks backward in works.SECRET VISION is by a top sire in USA and has shown good tracks to be in contention to win on first run, watch betting trend in last few minutes to consider this as a good bet.


2. FORESIGHT has a very ordinary jockey but has credentials as well as the sporting owner.STAR LEAGUE may run well on winter form with the improved jockey.LADZONE has worked for this race and should be in the fray now.BLUE ORIGIN is by the flop sire and may be considered based on the jockey at low weights.


3. SCARLET KNIGHT is by a good sire and may turn out as a good type as the mare bloodlines are encouraging.SKYLIGHT has been very forward in tracks and this brother to ROSE OF TEXAS has a decent chance.BUGGATI was in betting order last week, has a chance under this reasonably mature jockey. SIRONO had run a close second to FLYING TRICOLOUR and is tracking well.


4. SNOW PEAKS has worked well and goes over the ideal trip. DANCE N CELEBRATE was a notable 2nd to ABNOBA and has a good jockey, the trainer is unreliable with favorites.DEEP BLUE SKY has worked well and has the best rider. KING'S ADMIRAL has been given easy runs in winters.


5. PRESET had won in class II and has come down by heaps.BORN BEAUTY is at a very tough handicap. EXPRESS IT is speedy type with a good jockey. PERFECT ANALYSIS has come down in scales, is due to earn this season.


6. SPRINT STAR is the winner of MYSORE 2000 G and is presently in pink of condition. ICEBREAKER is best on handicap, but needs more distance, the trainer is also not ON. ARISTOS is the danger horse here , his last run in the super mile cup can not be ignored. ONASSIS is now well rested and should come out as a rejuvinated good type from the top trainer.


7. LET THE RIVER RUN can win if she breaks out well.SPARK OF JOY has a bad habbit of getting left at the start and can not be a good bet. PARTY TONITE appears to have niggles, started racing late and can not be considered based on a pathetic show in last run under the top jockey.DUKE OF EDINBURGH has come to hand, needs to be backed now.ALIANZ is the dark one here.


8. RUGGED BEAUTY has credentials to run on board as the tracks are fine and the handicap is OK. CAMELOT has got to beat the handicap, the jockey may get him to perform.DESDEMONA has been well prepared, needs a run.FIRST OF A LEGEND has not been tracked but the win at the end of the season was noteworthy.KINGDOMOFDREAMS is a failed favorite and belongs to an unreliable trainer, the tracks are good.SAVVY CONCEPT has an outside chance.


9. PINNAKINI may be the gamble of this sly trainer, it is down in scales. YOUR DESTINY is a game horse. THUMPING VICTORY may run well, the tracks are fine. GOOD COMPANION has raced well last season, belongs to a very ordinary trainer.





Saturday, May 29, 2010


A tough card awaits the race goers today and the day is likely to be dominated by outsiders and longer odds striking. The performance of the mature and well thought of jockey’s has been disappointing so far with B Prakash,Y Srinath and M N areddu yet to win a race. Apart from some handsome wins from Suraj other local riders have been a let down. South African jockey Simpson has been very impressive and looks likely to win more races in the season. The horses which are looking good today have average riders hence need to be backed with caution. For a change many Hyderabad horses who come here basically for fitness are in with a decent chance as the local horses are not prepared and are short of fitness and class. ATHABASCA STAR and ASTRAL FLASH look good on paper, let us see whether they deliver or not.

1. WORK FORCE has tracked well in winters, has the jockey for the occasion and has a decent chance in this mediocre field. PARTAGAS looks backward in trials, may be going for a run only. The decently bred ARYAVEER from Hyderabad has been prepared, the mock race and track work suggest the horse will be tried. COWBOY CAL is by a good mare who gave a decent type in HOPE SPRINGS, the connections are betting types, the rider is average. LIBERTY SHIP is the best performed so far but has a work jockey.


2. A poorly named colt GLUTEUS MAXIMUS has a decent rider, may be tried. ELITE LAND has been pulled when loosing as a hot favorite, can run away from them all if backed by the wily owner. HARD TO PIN DOWN has shown out in tracks, the breeding is average. SPARK OF ATAN is my choice for a place in this race, it was not allowed to go all out in winters by the rider and yet finished on board, the half brother to RED DAWN is looking improved. ATHABASCA STAR should lead all the way, the average rider is just to keep it going.


3. AMBER STAR was a faraway 3rd last week, the horse will be going for money again. INSPIRATOR is working well, should be fancied in this lot. IT’S MY PARTY has been given easy runs in winters, the present tracks are good, the brother to ROYAL ARTIST may be a gamble today. SERAPH should be running for fitness, the rider is average.


4. ATLANTUS is a good type who can scare them all even at top weight. ASTRAL FLASH looks good based on last years runs, can B Prakash be trusted on an odds on is the question. RIMPUCHE has worked well and the rider should be fighting out. EINSTEIN is maintaining form.


5. STAR ASSEMBLY has an outside chance, the latest work was impressive. TOPKAPI looks short of work, has won easily at staying distances before, needs to be ignored as the trainer is suspended. ANGEL FIRE is speedy type, has an average jockey. THE SPARTAN has come down by loads, can strike on backing. GREENS is at a comfortable handicap.


6. SPARKLING ADVENTURE is a fighter who doesn’t give up easily, all have to match him in the straight. SPOT ON is the black type winner from Hyderabad who may be tried. , the gates were suggestive. CORBETT has not run for long, one should remember that this horse was backed to 40 paisa on the opening day of last year’s summers and had flopped. STAR WAVE is an unreliable mare who has flopped often. STONE OF DESTINY finished on to get into money in last run, can repeat for place.


7. COULEUR ROUGE showed out in a fighting win, has worked well and should be considered. MOOVES GOODENOUGH is looking very fit in tracks. POWER COLOURS is tracking well. SPARK OF NAPOLEON was an impressive winner who has been shaped up for the task today.


8. FOSWELL has tracked well however the jockey is average on this well bred colt. STUD MUFFIN is half brother to black type MISS EVERYWHERE, the tracks of this colt indicate much improvement from winters. MARK OF GENIUS is half brother to good type JOIN THE PARTY, has a questionable jockey. BRAVE CAT is bred for speed, the half sister to black type AVEC PLAISIER and speedy IKARIA has a chance to upset. CARLA is looking good from tracks, the breeding is not to my taste, the earlier two from the mare flopped and the grand dam produced horses with fitness problems.





Wednesday, May 26, 2010

1. DHANUSH was a favorite last time despite no credentials, the horse has been a non performer for last two years, we also have a change in jockey and the Puttanna’s main man is riding, may deliver. SPARK OF SYMPHONY has been just about there in both runs, fitness is with him, can score. NEW PASTURES last won with this rider at these very weights at a bit longer distance, has a decent chance. KALISKA is tracking well.


2. MISS RUBY was a favored horse who showed out to go bust in the straight, the shorter trip should be to her liking. DEL GRATIA has raced with better horses, despite no tracks the horse appeals on handicap. PROWL KING should have come up after the last run. ONLY A VISION had once placed at Bangalore and the horse may run well.


3. CHAMPION’S LEAGUE is a versatile winner of 5 races over varying distances, may run well as the tracks are suggestive. WORLD IS TOO MUCH has age on side. VERTEX has not been tracked, maybe weight reduction is the plan as the rider is also an indifferent type. MR HURRICANE is pleasing in works and is a four year old from the main centre who had won after shifting here, should be reckoned for win. HAKUNA MATATA may run well if he is not tardy at the gates.


4. REGENT’S PARK is tracking well. SAPTASHWA can go start to finish, the horse has come down a lot. RICH ROUGE is a gamble horse, to be backed if money flow is there. HIDDEN PLEASURES was a predicted winner and should be trying to do well again.


5. BEE FOR YOU is an unreliable horse, has been tracking well. SWISS CHOCOLATE is looking impressive in works, has always won comfortably on backing. MR SUNRISE has stable change, the tracks show improvement. ROYAL LIAISON should be in reckoning at these weights over the pet distance.


6. BEHRAM is the best youngster at this centre having won both times on backing, should be fancied despite an aging rider and top weights. SUNSHOWER has been under wraps for too long, the last win was very suggestive. STAMPEDE is a failed favorite who may place. LAND OF GOLD has won in this class before. WITCH DOCTOR has a decent chance to win if the favorite falters.


7. ANSONIA is a speedy mare. PERFECT BOND is looking attractive in trials. WILD TEMPER is going to win soon, watch. RED DAWN does everything but win, has a problem in catching the leaders. TINA’S TRIUMPH is a good handicapper, may run well despite penalty. INDIA SHINING is a decent sprinter from the main centre who is down a lot in scales and can upset.



Saturday, May 22, 2010


1. HOBSON’S CHOICE is a sparingly raced horse who has the best rider in the lot, may be tried. SOVIET MELODY is decently bred and comes into reckoning based on 4th to FRIENDLY BOND and some notable tracks. GOOD GIFT is working well and has a try jockey. CHAR CHAND is down in scales , has been backwards for too long, may run well.


2. CHAMPS ELYSEES has been given a number of tracks, may get on board as the rider is smart. SKY GLIDER is by a flop sire from a speedy mare, has been caught napping in the strait , hence may find it difficult to last out. BUGGATI has shown improvement in tracks, should be fighting out for the sporting owner. SWEET CAROLINE is very well bred, was a good 2nd to SUNSPIRIT and is working well , the new jockey may start off with a win.


3. COLOUR OF JOY has not been tracked but is down in scales, the experienced rider may hit the front. PRECEPT has a poor jockey, has worked well. BLACK BEAUTY is being scrubbed in tracks, will be tried. SARATOGA has been running some encouraging races in the winters, can get on board. YOU’RE MAGNIFIQUE runs after a very long time, the tracks show fitness for race.


4. LOVE CONQUERS ALL was an eye catching winner in a poor set up, the weights and the jockey are a worrisome. STORMY RED is a well bred brother to LOWNDES SQUARE and goes over the ideal trip, the rider is average. MISSONI has a good jockey, the tracks are decent, should run well. CROWN VISION is catching the eye with impressive tracks and was a good winner in winters, should progress well. WALTER may run well, the trainer needs to earn something for his hapless owners now.


5. SPARK OF GOLD has weights to worry about, he is a decent stayer and runs with a good chance, he had beaten TIMELESS TREASURE conceding more weight than now in a runaway manner last year. TIMELESS TREASURE has worked well and the rider is good. GLORIOSA is the Calcutta Derby winner who now faces top class horses, the low weights may help. HILL OF GRACE is working well, has not won over a trip though.


6. FLYING TRICOLOUR is speedy horse, has an average trainer. LITTLE SPLENDOUR has won at higher weights in this class and then gone off form, the works are suggestive. GIFT OF LOVE has worked well and may be involved. SOUTHERN GLADIATOR can upset, he is due for a win this season. DIMSUM is an average bred with a good jockey. ELOISE is the horse from the top trainer, has good bloodlines and won at Mumbai despite running green, has been well prepared. FRIENDLY BOND is by a good and speedy mare and has shown keen tracks.


7. SPARK OF REVERENCE has been shaping up in trials, distance is an issue. SPEAR HEAD is the best performed who should account for this average field if he is fit, the tracks are confirmative. NATIVE TALENT has run decent races last summer and may start off on the same note again. RUBY LEGEND is at low weights, the stable horses have been in background for some time.


8. TRUE IMPRESSION had comprehensively won the last start and should be keen to gobble up JORIKI once again. JORIKI is a hype horse, has strong tail line in breeding, the dam was average. The horse is tracking like a good type, the last defeat puts dampeners on today’s chances. CORLEONE may run well. AMBER STAR has an allowance jockey at bottom weights.





Thursday, May 20, 2010

(A) After an uneasy wait for most due to the uncertainty of events and circumstances at the Bangalore Race Club, it appears that finally racing for the very important summer season begins soon. Important because many young and exciting prospects from the local centre as well as the few who have come all the way from Mumbai and Hyderabad will be campaigning for some plum events and these races will be indicators for bigger events in the racing calendar of the country. Some of the stock from Mumbai is obviously demanding attention due to the recent performances there, however it is very difficult to analyze the chances of the Hyderabad ones as they are not so well bred and have not competed at a higher level. Yet the interesting fact is that each year some good ones from Hyderabad show their mettle and turn out to be good types.

Some good types who have already impressed and some who are looking good on paper are discussed below. These are likely to be hotly favored whenever they run.

1. AWARDING is by Alnasr Alwasheek out of Perpetuate whose dam Academic had won the Indian Oaks. She has produced HER EXCELLENCY, Poonawalla Breeder’s Million And Breeder’s Produce Stakes Winner, sprinters cup winner BRYCE CANYON and NOBLE EXECUTIVE who won the Juvenile’s Sprinter’s Million.. There is a lot of class in the bloodlines though most of the family has been good only up to middle distances.
2. AVESCO by Razeen-Tarnished Lady is half brother to good type Gloriosa who had fitness problems after a good start last year. The sire can infuse a lot of class if the horse trains on well
3. CROWN EMPRESS is by Razeen-CROWN TREASURE. The dam was a prolific winner of 11 wins who after winning Mysore Derby got beaten to 2nd place in Bangalore Derby and The Invitation Cup. The grand dam Vision Of India is in list of the top rated mares in the country having produced 5 black type winners. The dam has been a breeding failure by throwing out common types from the resident sires, may be the top rated sire of the country can infuse the nicking genes for the class to show.
4. KILLIMANJARO by Ikhtyar-Ensenada is half brother to black type winners FLY THE FURY and OBLIGADO. A lot of improvement in the crops is expected from the sire and the trainer is known to do well with well breds.
5. SIACHEN by Burden Of Proof-Indian Mission was a very impressive winner in his only outing and looks a top candidate to show out at higher levels. The dam is by the good sire Miswaki and had given a good type in Some Time, a winner of six races a few years back.
6. SWEET CAROLINE by Burden Of Proof-Sugar Bird is full sister to good type Sugar Ray. The grand dam gave us the Bangalore Derby and Super Mile Cup winner ABOLINE.
7. SEGOMO by Razeen-Burooq is half brother to black type ASTRAL FLASH. The maternal grand sire A P Indy is highly respected sire in USA.
8. TSAVORITE by Burden Of Proof- Enduring Image has proved to be one of the prime contenders for the rich events in store. The good point is the elements of stamina in blood lines as the grand dam PERPETUAL was a good stayer.
9. BATISTA by Glory Of Dancer-Kilshannig is a winner of two races at Mumbai for the topmost trainer in the country today. The half brother to good types Terre Blanche, River Gem and Council Of The Gods has lots of potential.
10. MACCHIPICCHU by Emerald Cat-Anaroma is the best son of the sire so far. The win in the Juvenile Colts Championship over a classy field puts him at prime spot to challenge all for the big prizes here. The dam is by the staying TREASURE LAND who won the Calcutta Oaks and has produced four black type winners.
11. SUNSET BOULEVARD by Bachelor Duke-Intimate is appearing to be exciting prospect. The grand daughter of Miswaki was an eye catching winner and is looking most improved after migration to this part.

(B) Apart from the above mentioned many impressively well breds are likely to be seen in action soon. Some of them will outdo the others and may go on to win big events while a few are likely to be big disappointments also. Listed below are such hopefuls

1. APRILLIA by Burden Of Proof- Anonimity is from the speedy family line of Schiaparreli. The filly was the most impressive winner of three races and is likely to continue well. She has lots of speed and with maturity may tackle the step in distance.

2. ABNOBA is by Burden Of Proof –Ace Venture, he is full brother to Auchinlech and the useful Alejandros. The grand dam NINE CARATS had won the Bangalore 1000 G and the Bangalore Oaks.
3. AIRPLAY by Fantastic Light –Payola by Red Ransom is a got abroad colt who has impressive bloodlines.
4. ATHABASCA STAR by Razeen –Athabasca is bred to stay, though the elder brother Western Challenge was a disappointment, the grand dam of Stomata has enough class, she produced Invitation Cup winner RUNNING FLAME and the Nilgiris black type SHINING DANCER.
5. AKALIKI by China Visit –Allaire is half sister to black type REAL EXCELLENCE. The dam had won the Indian Oaks and Bangalore Derby. The grand dam Fly For Baby is one of the top rated mares in Indian breeding having the distinction of producing five black type winners.
6. AZTEC GOLD by Brace Act-Cup Of Gold is half brother to CASSANDRA winner of , Cascabel and the useful type Flower Alley.
7. BALLIBAY by Alnasr Alwasheek –BAY OF ANGELS had an impressive debut but was found wanting in classier company. The filly has a chance to rebound, the dam had won the stayers Cup and the grand dam Pia‘s Baby had given black type winners in ARMOURY and SCINTILLATING SKILL.
8. BORN TO FLY is full brother to ARCHIPENKO, winner of Colts Stakes Bangalore Derby. The dam had also produced Governor’s Trophy winner BOLD BIRD.
9. CAVALARY CHARGE by Burden Of Proof-Catch Fire has lots of speed elements in bloodlines; the highly promising Count De Monet had a short racing career.
10. CAMORRA by Brave Act-CAMARIOCA has decent bloodlines as the dam had won Mysore 1000 G and the grand dam was Indian Derby winner. The three parts brother by this very sire, Chimerique is a good performer.
11. CLEAR MANDATE by Burden Of Proof-Clear Cut is full brother to useful Cayenne. The grand dam Erin on Your Toes was a very decent mare who gave us speedy ones in Senor Pele and Clear Cut.
12. CHERELLE by Burden Of Proof-Chiquelina is half brother to black type ASSESSED and good type Chiquitita. . The grand dam DYNAMIC DANCER had won the Golconda Derby and Golconda Oaks.
13. CROWN VISION by Brave Act-Crown Secret impressed in his first winning run. The grand dam CROWN TREASURE gives the filly scope to perform at longer trips also.
14. EAGLE CLAWS by Burden Of Proof-Sans Egale has the famous Schiaparelli as the grand dam. The full brother SANS PAREIL won Calcutta Oaks.
15. IMMENSE by Gaswar-Alto Miss is an averagely bred colt that showed lots of speed in his outings. The sire has been able to infuse speed and the maternal sire Bold Russian has upgraded the stock.
16. KARISINI by China Visit-Trois Etoiles is half brother to black type winner NOBLE OPINION. The dam produced Set Aside known now for her famous filly SET ALIGHT.
17. LA CLIQUE by Glory of Dancer-Calliope has the speed infusing Serious Trouble as the grand dam .The sire has nicked well with such mares and the three parts sister to ENAKSI may turn out as a good one.
18. MYSTIC DAWN by Diffident-ANGEL HEIGHTS is half sister to speedy Angel Fire. The grand dam SHOCKING has infused speed in the tail line.
19. MAKE MY DAY by Emerald Cat-Island Charm is half brother to Leonardo, Fantasy Lake and World War Three, all performed well over a trip. The late sire was full of potential, and the effect is most likely to show out with his present crop.
20. NORTH CAPE is by Placerville out of the top brood mare sire Razeen’s produce Rivendell. The grand dam Trois Etoile has already been discussed above.
21. NEVERSAYGOODBYE by Royal Gladiator-Zauberwelt is half sister to useful Desert Rule. The dam was half sister to the Indian Derby winner STARSKY and the black type winner YANA. The aging top trainer has a good type here.
22. ORDAINED ONE is by Placerville-AMAZING PRINCESS. The full brother to black type winner STAR ANGEL out of the South India Oaks winner has class to improve after the promising winter season.
23. PLAKA is by Juniper-AMAZING FANTASY. The dam has produced MOTHER’S PRIDE who has won races over staying trips. This filly should benefit from this factor and nick as a good type for the speed producing sire.
24. REZOOM by Brave Act-Wild Rezonution showed fighting qualities in his last win. The gelding may win more races over a trip.The present crop of the sire looks better than the ones he produced earlier..
25. SKY TRAIN by China Visit-God’s Grace is half sister to Carte Blanche. The grand dam REGAL STAR was winner of Calcutta Oaks and a prolific producer who gave four black type winners.
26. SUN CONTROL by Ontario-Bridge of Sighs is a well bred full sister to Grand Rapids and Geranimo. The half sister Wonder Smile was a good type over staying trips.
27. SUNNY’S SECRET by Gaswar-Victoria’s Secret is a very speedy type with a very ordinary trainer. The half brother to Secret Trooper should win more races.
28. SUN DORO by Ontario-Mystery Mood is full brother to the good type The Rock. This nicely bred colt should be watched in this season.
29. SALONI by China Visit-Ithica is full sister to snow queen and should be a game fiily over a trip. The grand dm TREASURE LAND won the Calcutta Oaks and produced four black type winners.
30. STORMY RED by Hurricane State – Chapman’s peak is half brother to good TYPE Lowndes Square.The grand dam Zyna’s Glory gave four black type winners including the famous WINNING PRETTY; all did well over middle distances.
31. SUPREMACY is by Burden Of Proof-SUPERVITE. The dam won the Indian derby and the cross with the speediest sire should be beneficial as the first win was very suggestive.
32. SECRET VISION by Statue Of Liberty-Star Of Iona is a very well bred got abroad with the top owner, may live upto expectations as the last year imports of this sire;ie, Aston Martin & Anastasia were pretty good.
33. SENOR SPEEDY by Rosmini-Speedy Beauty is an interesting cross. The local sire looks to have a good one from the mare who finally conceived after many failures. The last produce by her was FULL SPEED who won the Mysore Derby.
34. SUN KINGDOM by Royal Kingdom- Porsche TOO is half brother to good type Talk of the Town.
35. SWIFT STAR by Placerville-Native Tactics is full brother to the most earning non winner Native Knight. The other half brothers Romantic Tactics and Fair Tactics were decent types.
36. SPARK OF NAPOLEON by Diffident-Divine Elegance is ordinarily bred but the sire is known to up the stock when the speed elements click. The grand dam Honorable Deal was a fine sprinter.
37. SKY DIVER by Ikhtyar-La Tour D’Argent has class in form of Queen of the Mint as grand dam. She was a prolific producer with most crop doing very well. She produced Ensenada who produced OBLIGADO.
38. SPARKLING CAT by Emerald Cat-Pupa Fiorini is half sister to Oyster Princess and she has shown good qualities in her maiden win despite having a very mediocre trainer. The brood mare sire Indian ridge infuses speed elements.
39. UNLEASHED by Warrshan- Santarelle has ABBESS as the grand dam., she had produced the extremely speedy filly EVATINA. This one should also be good at shorter trips.
40. ELOISE by Glory Of Dancer-Confiding is a well bred who comes here after an impressive win at Mumbai.
41. XISCA by China Visit-Altimara has progressed well and may do well over mid distances.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Racing last week was on expected lines, don’t look for favorites when older horses are running and when the owners of the stock have changed hands a number of times. Remember that the horses owned by trainers will seldom win as favorites, all want to strike at good odds as it is my experience that these people first want to ensure that the place money on the horse is safe and then only will they try the racer.
Owner SN Harish has many entries, he has a habit of striking at odds. There is a new rider with a difficult to pronounce name who is looking for a double for the owner cum trainer. The sons of samar singh are not likely to be winning today.

1. SPARK OF ZEAL belongs to a sporting owner who has done well at Bangalore, the horse is tracking well and looks improved. MOONLIGHT DANCER has taken his time to come to hand and can score with the experienced rider. ARYANSH is working well, has never been on board. WHISPER VALLEY should like the step up in distance.


2. WORTH A GOLD is always ridden by this jockey, is a winner of four races and may run well. ROTA ROOA had surprised by winning a race over this trip all the way last season, the last run over a scurry must have bought him on. MISS RUBY is blazing the tracks, the rider apart she looks to be in top shape. ROMANTIC LIASON should have benefited from the last run.


3. WINNING TALE is looking good in mornings, the field is very poor to beat. SPARK OF SYMPHONY has to be in the race after being backed but found wanting last time. VIBHUTI is speedy, can run well, age is on her side. MISS MEXICO is working well.


4. NECTAR JEWEL was a surprise winner last week, has to tackle the penalty. JOIN THE PARTY is a game horse who likes to lead all the way, has a good rider. DANGER DIABOLIC goes at better weights vis a vis the top weighted horse, should be interested. THE GAIN has come back after the weight reducing mission at Mumbai, watch his progress now.


5. ECUADOR has come down in class as well as weights. GRIS RAPIDE impressed in gates, has good initial speed. BLOOD STREAM was a good 2nd under an average rider, should make amends now. QUEEN OF DESTINY ran well enough to show improvement. ALEJANDROS is taking time coming to hand, the horse has slid down in scales.


6. BEAUTY ON DUTY has not won for very long, the last effort was fine and the tracks are nice. LYRA has come down to striking level, may be tried. DUTCH HERO was a good gamble at the end of the season, the penalty is stiff, the horse is looking very fit in works. NO NAME may run well.


7. RAGING STAR belongs to a Mumbai based owner who backs his horses well, watch for such punt as the horse is speedy . SERIOUS WARRIOR is tracking well, should have benefited from the gates. FEEL MY HEART is in good form and can carry forward from the last season. HERO’S DOMINANCE ran very disappointingly last week. STERLING SPEED has age on side, can upset. WORTH A DIAMOND is at striking weights



Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The summer season takes off at Mysore and for race starved fans even the laid back racing of older horses may be some consolation against the back drop of threatening signs of uncertainties of future racing at Bangalore.
The card should be carefully studied as previous runs are no indication of what is going to be turfed out by the various trainers and the well rested animals. An interesting fact which one can see is that a fair number of horses can be termed as OCTC (owner change and trainer change). Such racers may not be performing in first run.
The wards of Rakesh and his brother Vishal are working well. Z Darashah who is obviously the best and most experienced trainer has a habit of breaking out early in a season.
Watch out for the new combination of trainer M S Qureshi with new owners Zohreh Shojafard and A Fazili. They have four runners today and all these have been worked well and should be attracting fair amount of betting today.

1. SPARK OF SYMPHONY is the youngest in the lot who has failed to deliver so far, may run well with the experienced jockey. DESTINY’S WISH is still a maiden, has been tracked. SPLENDID GLORY has come down a lot, should be tried now in this poor bunch. WHISPER VALLEY remains a maiden after his stint in tougher company at Bangalore, the runners are so poor that allow him an outside opportunity to score.


2. SECRET FURY may upset. STAMPEDE has been given gates and is impressive in tracks, The horse has yet to deliver since his relocation here couple of seasons back.. WITCH DOCTOR has raced in better company, may be tried. STERLING SPEED has age on side, the rider is poor. ROYAL LIAISON has scales in favor and the allowance jockey should be game for a win.


3. TINA’S TRIUMPH is a good handicapper and is showing out in trials. BLOOD STREAM had started his career well but suffered a set back, the latest works show that he is fit, should be fighting out now. ARABIAN MEMORIES impressed in gates, has been racing at Bangalore and may surprise. RASILI has a keen jockey from Delhi, the age and weights are in favor.


4. JERICHO should be in reckoning based on last effort and the jockey. MINCHU is a game horse, may run well. GREEK SHIP appeals at this handicap, the only ride of this Hyderabad based jockey be noted. TIME IS PRECIOUS has been given gates and has a decent rider. SWISS CHOCOLATE has impressed in morning tracks. HIDDEN PLEASURES has come down to striking level and can win on backing.


5. LOOKING TO LEAD may find the distance a bother, no tracks also. THE WORLD IS MINE has been working well. AMAZING ONE is a game stayer. BEAUTY ON DUTY has to be in the fray after all the preparation.


6. ALL FOR CASH ran a noteworthy 3rd in first attempt and was later given an easy ride, may upset. The brother to TIMELESS MEMORIES has breeding on his side. BLACK KNIGHT is by a speedy sire and is tracking well. INTIFADA has lots of hype after some good work outs during the last season, it would be interesting to see a produce of Inner City winning a maiden race over a scurry in first attempt. MYSTIC ENCHANTERESS is full sister to OHIYESA and the gates were speedy.


7. PLACE HER WELL is down in class and is working well. RED DAWN has been a big disappointment, it has not delivered despite some serious attempts. REGENT’S PAERK is tracking well. PRINCESS NERO goes at feather weight, the jockey may pull it off for the trainer brother.


8. KING ADLER has worked well. HERO’S DOMINANACE appears to have come to hand, was always on tracks last season. MAGIC WAND has been prepared well, has yet to show out. MR GENIOUS has never been on board, time has come to earn some money .



Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A. The 2009-2010 season is at midway stage with the break in racing at all centres except the hill station at Ooty or Udhagamandalam as it is called nowadays. The period in a way marks the halfway stage of the Indian Racing Calendar. It provides us ample time to have a look at the young stock which will be dominating the racing in the coming summer/ monsoon months. A good number of races for 2 year olds (who all turn three year olds on Ist day of the year) have gone by at almost all the racing centers. The interest of the racing fraternity is on the prospects of the juvenile crop, winners of maiden races, million and multi-million races. The future potential & strength of this young crop will now be judged during the summer/monsoon season when the juveniles who would be well rested and grown are staking to contest & perform at the higher levels and get to further prove themselves. Apart from a large % of 3 year olds who have had track experience, some of the maidens are still to have a feel of real racing and some exciting prospects are likely to get on the turf scene fast.

B. The early value of a juvenile race horse is primarily judged from the Sire’s potential and established record with the previous crops or expectations as per pedigree and performance in case of freshman sires. The dams are equally important and enhance the prospect with established families, bloodlines and personal track performance. The most significant aspect in judging a Sire’s value is his potential to produce classic/graded race winners. Yet in the early part of the season an owner looks to have maiden races winners who can then on be groomed for the harder competitions .Sires are known to provide early winners or precocious stock and are preferred for this important trait of theirs. The structure of racing in India provides for such early juvenile winners to pick up better stakes than when they race in handicap races. Hence a lot of attention is given to the Sires who perform well with offspring’s who come to hand quickly and promise more achievements in early stages of their career.

C. Let us now take a look at the winner producing sires for juveniles this year. A total of 1497 live foals ( 56 are got abroads) were reported for the year 2007 by the stud Book Of India publication “Return Of The Mares” and due to various causes a small percentage of these may not eventually make it to the race courses. Out of these about 125 foals from stud farms catering mainly for Chennai and Ooty racing centres from the 5 sires located in that zone ( ALWAYS A RAINBOW, FOYER, MAGISTRETTI, PREDAPPIO and STAR SUPREME ) are not being considered as coverage at these centres has been shunned by most media since it is alleged that racing here takes place “in a world of its own”. In rest of the country about 182 of these horses (listed against their respective sires) have already gone on to win races, a small percentage indeed.

D. A total of 142 sires have sired the crop of 2007 out of which 38 sires stood outside the country and the foals were got abroad. 46 resident and 11 standing abroad sires have got winners so far. The details of the winning sires are discussed hereafter. The winning crop(@) is also mentioned for reference. The listing is done based on the number of foals produced.

1. ONTARIO-Storm Cat sired and Sohna Stud based stallion got to foal 60 out of which 13 have won a total of 17 races.
2009 Black Types- arts, ohiyesa, scubarrio, and SPRINT STAR.
@Winners-Ocean Power, Arielle, Real Smasher, Solid Gold, Rock It, Odds and Evens, Friendly Bond, Aswha Paarth, Queen Of Court, Mystic Knight and Art Connoisseur.
The sire has done extremely well in main racing centers, has tendency to produce good sprinters. He was the leading freshman sire in 2007-08.
Black types- Sound Of Nature, Own Voice and Successor.

2. PLACERVILLE by Mr Prospector located at Poonawalla Estates in his 13th crop has 4 winners of 6 races out of a crop of 51 foals.
2009 Black Types- Aemilia, Amazing Ray, Classerville, , Mighty Crusader, Native Knight, River Chieftain, Special Charm, Star Of Marmalade, FOREST FLAIR, CHANGE OF LUCK, MYSTIC QUEST, RED RENEGADE, D’ARTAGNAN,BID FOR GOLD and LEAVE IT TO ME,
@Winners- Ordained One, Orient Glory, Ocean Emperor and HALL OF GLORY.
The top sire has been the champion sire for 6 times, has been the dominant sire in western India for a decade . He has sired 45 Notable Black Type winners like SOUTHERN EMPIRE, HAUNTING MEMEORIES, SMART CHIEFTAIN, SIX SPEED, PRICELESS, PALAZZIO etc. The strike rate of the juvenile as well as black type winners is on the decline as the sire is aging and is being over utilized for crossing mares.

3. DIFFIDENT-Standing at Poonawalla Stud , this versatile son of Nureyev in his 8th crop has 40 foals, 12 have won a total of 13 races so far.
2009 Black Type - Bourbon Bay.
@Winners-Sunspirit, Keringdinghan, Serenity, Viva la Vida, Cuba Libre, Mystic Dawn, Spark of Napoleon, Ashwa Pushkar, Star Future, Ocean Wish , VIJAY SAMRAT and SUPERIOR QUEST.
He was champion freshman sire in 2001-02. He has been utilized by the top stables around Pune and has been very consistent in producing black types. He has given some top class sprinters and fewer offspring’s with stamina abilities.

4. AL NASR ALWASHEEK- Son of sire of sires Sadler’s Wells has 6 WINNERS OF 8 races from 38 foals in his 13th crop.
2009 Black Types - Star Bright and MESSALINA.
@Winners-Sun Elegance, Ballibay, Angel’s Pursuit, Foreign Exchange, Raptures Of Victory and AWARDING.
Another versatile sire who is well respected for the produce in western India. He was the champion freshman sire in 1999-2000.

5 . IKHTYAR – Son of UNFUWAIN, located at Nanoli Farms has 3 winners from 38 in his second crop.
Multiple winners in 2009 (first crop)- Saint Vincent, River Gem, River Blitz, Sherdil, Semper Eadem and BRUCKNER.
@Winners-Petra, Golden Queen and Sky Diver.
The sire had a disappointing start to his career despite getting to cross quality mares. His produce has a tendency to win at middle distances, lacks precociousness. The stables have given him a fair share and I am inclined to believe that the performance of this grand son of Northern Dancer will improve in the coming years.

6. GASWAR- Shadeed sired and one of the most improved sire in his 11th crop of 35 foals has 10 winners of 12 races.
Last year black type - Harmonica.
2009 Multi winners - Rabi Kounga, Dazzling Wise Dream Park and Estevez.
@Winners-Al Saraah, Kohinoor Wish, Ode To Nature, Mandira, Portatone, Sunny’s secret, Alosia, Youre An Aeton, Deepanjli, Immense and Malabar Prince.
The sire has done after being relocated at Galloping Acres and getting a healthier crop than before. The grand son of Nijinsky gives good sprinters and middle diastase performers.

7. CHINA VISIT-The son of Red Ransom located at Mehra Farms in his 4th crop of 34 has got 11 winners annexing 13 races out of total foal strength of 34.
2009 black types- River Blossom, Ruby Crown, Sea Of Kisses and Ave Maria.
@Winners-Sun Light, Saloni, Sun Dancing, Xisca, Perpetual Glory, The Leader, Sky rain, Star Of Roses, Icon, Young Sapper and MOONLIGHT ROMANCE.
The grand son of Roberto has done very well last year with having maximum winners in the Mumbai season 2009-10.The produce has done well in sprints and there is shade of doubt in getting stayers from him. He is bound to improve as he gets to cross Razeen mares who nick well with him.

8. GLORY OF DANCER-Son of Shareef Dancer and located at Nanoli Stud he produced 34 foals in his 10th crop, 6 winners of 8 races.
Last year black types-Cruising, Cabriolet and Onassis
@Winner-Agent Archie, Batista, Eloise, Dear Henry , BEAUTIFUL STRANGER and NAPOLEON.
The grandson of Northern Dancer has improved very well with age and has started producing racers who get the distances. The sire has been showing out with some good types in recent years.

9. BURDEN OF PROOF- The Fairy King son standing at Kunigal Stud has 7th crop of 33 foals , 8 winners of 12 races .
Last year black types - , Chiquelle, Tanzanite, Suchiman, Super Smile, Corbett, Six Shooter, Spectcular Style, Captivating, ABOLINE, ARABIAN PRINCE, SANS PAREIL, SPEARHEAD Aand ABOLINE.
@Winners-Supremacy, Eagle Claws, Cavalary Charge, Abnoba, Siachen, Ciel Indienne, APRILLIA and TSAROVITE.
The 2 x 3 inbred grandson of Northern Dancer had the best of his crops last year. The sire has given good sprinters and middle distance winners, there have been fewer stayers from him.

10. ROYAL GLADIATOR-The son of Honour And Glory in his 4th th crop at Pratap Stud got 32 foals, producing 3 winners so far.
Last year multi winners- Alluring, Real Gladiator, Royal Tune, Alberton Star, Aphrodisiac, Southern Gladiator and Cascades.
@Winners-Moves Good Enough, Tempus Fugit and Gift Of Love.
Black Type Winner - LYCIA FALCON.
The homebred sire has been an average performer with the produce taking time coming to hand. The winners are generally over middle distances.

11 MR MELLON-Standing at Ruia Stud, the son of Red Ransom had his 4th crop of 31 out of which 6 have won 7 races.
Last crop black types -Sea Sparrow.
Multi winners were Adriano, Secret Magic, Pythagoras, Rich Rouge and Palace Affairs.
@Winners-Palace Affairs, Spark Of Salerno, Secret Asset and Sea Sparrow.

12. HYMN-Son of Fairy King and standing at Jodha Stud had 31 foals in his 5th crop with 4 winners.
Last Year’s multi winners -Greek Fire, Amity, Successful Dream and Definite Believe.
@Winners- Commanding Heights, Kuchipudi, Master Blaster and Zaracha.
Black type - Pampered Princess.
An average sire has been giving some decent sprinters. A large number of offspring’s race at western India

13. INNER CITY – The son of Bob Back stood at Hargobind Stud and in his 9th crop of 30 foals has only @ Behram as the sole winner of two races.
Last year black type- Fair option and multi winners were –Arya, Lowndes Square, Auburn Star and Missizippy.
Black Type Winner-MAXIMISE
The late grandson of Roberto has been giving middle distance winners.

14. WARRSHAN-The well performed and versatile son of Northern Dancer and full brother to the celebrated RAZEEN stands at Star Stud. In his 16th crop of 27 he has 4 winners.
Last year black types-Music Valley. Multi winners-Sea Treasure, India Gate, Spark Of Jewel, Spark Of Reverence, River Star, and Modest Bride.
@Winners -Bayberry, Glorious Lady, Oasis Knight and Unleashed.
The aging sire has been very decent with his produce which do well in sprints mainly.

15. BEE’S PROSPECTOR-The late son of Mr Prospector stood at Vikram Greenlands and in his 15th and last crop gave 25 foals out of which 3 won a total of 4 races.
Last year Black types- Albarado. Multi winners- Generous Thoughts, Ashkan, Check Her Out and Always Smile.
@Winners-Check Her Out, Alberado, Generous Thought and Secret Whispers.
He has been one of the decent sires to have stood at the old breeding centre in North India at Tohana. Despite getting very ordinary mares the sire proved to be quite versatile with the crop competing well at all prime racing centres.

16. BRAVE ACT is son of Bold Lad and he stands at Kunigal Stud. In his 6th crop of 25 foals he has 6 winners.
Last Year Black Type –Gershwin. Multi winners-Arabian Dancer, Senora Encima and Coorg Honey.
Black Type Winners-ARABIAN KNIGHT .
@Winners—Prince Nero, Crown Vision, Love Conquers All, Rezoom and Awesome Indian.
A disappointing sire who was relocated from England after failing there, could not match the stable mate BORDEN OF PROOF and has given runners who took time and distance to win.

17. EL JOHAR-Standing at Mukteshwar Stud, the son of Nashwan has 03 winners from a crop of 25 in his 4th crop.
Last year black type-SPOT ON. Multi winners-Scamper, King’s Cruise, Ashwa Shaurya, Burst Of Speed, Sapphire, Dramatic Dnacer, Zambo Anga and Mr Don.
@Winners-Must Be Magic, Dazzle and Glengyle.
The grand son of Blushing Groom has been mediocre with the crop winning sprints and mid distances only at secondary centers.

18 ROYAL KINGDOM is son of Fairy Kingdom and stands at Equus Stud . In his 6th crop he has 25 foals with 4 winners.
Last Year multi winners- Royal Charter , Sine Quo Non and Pure Elation.
@Winners-Su Chaliyo, Dante Rosseti, Sun Kingdom and Moon Star.
The sire seems to have lost his fire after a promising start. The produce has been good at all distances but take time to come to hand.

19. MAJOR IMPACT is son of Roberto and in his 13 th crop at Manjri Stud has 23 foals with 2 winners.
Last year black types-Going For Gold and Red Dragon. Multi Winners- Lone Ranger and San Rafael.
@Winners-Bullet and Crowned Princess.
The sire had done reasonably well at USA before being relocated here. He gives winners for all distances but the produce takes time to come to hand.

20. SENURE is son of Nureyev and stands at Manjri Studs and in his 4th crop has 23 runners of whom only Debonaire Girl has won.
Last Year multi winners- Starfall, Asiatic Star, Blessings and Kestrel.
A disappointing sire has fizzled out after a promising start in first crop. The produce has basically raced in western India and won mostly in soft monsoon conditions at Pune. The foals take time to come to hand.

21. RAZEEN-Champion sire 7 times, the renowned son of Northern Dancer located at Mehra Stud had the 15th crop of 22 foals from which 3 have won far.
Last year black types- Star Alliance, Angelo, Arctic Force, Washington Irvine, Vijay Siddhanth and Amore Mio.
@ Winners- Star Warrior, Star Empire and Power Colors.
The toast of leading North Indian Breeding establishment has mellowed down with age and the spark is missing in recent crops. The sire of sires is turning out to be the top brood mare sire of the country.

22. JUNIPER is son of Danzig and stands at Capricorn Stud. He has 2 winners in the 4th crop of 22 foals.
Last year multi winners-Desdemona, El Tropico, Oh Calcutta, Advantage Logan, Spark Of Solitaire, Spark Of Marchador,, Leading Light, Mumtaz and Lotus Pond.
@Winners-Ice Mountain and Ashwa Panaa.
Black Type Winner-RARE AND PRECIOUS.
A decent sire who has done well at Bangalore in winters with speed being the forte of the produce.

23. CASE LAW-The late son of Ahonoora stood at Jai Govind Stud and in his 13th crop of 21 foals had 3 winners .
Last Year Black Type-Chestnut Charmer. Multi winners-Splendid Act, Brustic Brave, Assertive, Everyday Salsa and Surysputra.
@Winners-Moheena, Fearless Mission and Rasili.
The sire was relocated after being a very average performer at Ireland. The produce gets winners over sprints mainly.

24. DUJA-The son of Dayjur and located at Pratap Stud in his 10th crop of 19 foals had 3 winners.
Last Year Multi Winners-Arizano, Ruffiano, Maznavi and Outstanding
@Winners-Lily, Xavier and Flashy Conquest
Black Types-Classic Ten, Brush With Fame, The Music Lover and Soul Satisfaction.
The grand son of Danzig has been a secondary sire at the stud and has mostly produced sprinters.

25. FLITCH is son of Demons Begone and stands at Doaba Stud. In his 7th crop he has 18 foals and got 4 winners.
Last Year Multi Winners-Galasheils,Firebird, Ballantyne, Beach Rain, Sarir and Katmai.
Black Type Winner-SHELLY GREEN and MASEEHA
@Winners-Dancing Beauty, legendary Hero , Wild Power and Armador.
An average sire who has got winners over all distances, the produce has raced all over India.


1. EMERALD CAT By Storm Cat stood at Capricorn Stud and in his healthy crop of 59 foals got 7 winners.
@Winners-Brutus, Sparkling Cat, Illustrious, Secret Love, Delphi and MACCHIPICCHU.
The best prospect of the new lot got his winners at Mumbai and the tragic early demise has deprived the stud farm to exploit the full potential of this good sire. The rest of the produce of the grand son of Storm Bird is bound to do well in the coming months .

2. HURRICANE STATE by Miswaki stands at Hargobind Stud and has been relocated from USA after a tepid performance in 5 crops there. The stud has shown faityh in his abilities to take over the mantle from the late Local talent. The grand son of Mr Prospector is a black type winner at France over a sprint and has producd 5 winners from a good crop of 44 foals.
@Winners-Abraath, Flying Tricolour, Stormy Red, Ashleen State and Missoni.

3. ITAQUERE POWER by Minstrel Glory stands at Vikram Greenlands and got 5 winners so far from a good crop of 44 foals.
@Winners-Guiding Light, Zoombastic, Juno, The Big Blast and Sunstrikes.
The well performed winner of 12 races at a lower priority racing country of Brazil has replaced the versatile Bee’s Prospector and is likely to get a good amount of local mares to cover because of the stud location. The crop should do well at the secondary centres like Delhi though the produce has been well distributed at most centres.

4. EPICENTRE by Kris S stands at A B Stud and in his first crop has 39 foals with 3 winners so far.
@Winners-Daxia, The Kohinoor and Rose.
The reasonably well performed grand son of Roberto has been a stayer and most of his produce is going to race at the favorite centre of this stud, ie; Hyderabad. The best of racers at this centre were sired by the late Young Senor and it will be interesting to see how the new sire performs. The crop is taking time coming to hand.

5. INHABITANT by Zafonic stands at Doaba Stud and in his first crop of 28 foals has got 2 winners.
@Winners-Jaldi and Rosemead.
The youngest sire in the country won two sprints at France and has been hurried into breeding. He replaces the reasonably performing Flitch and it would be too premature to comment on the prospects of such an immature grandson of Gone West. The offsprings are taking time to come to hand.

6. SUSSEX by Danehill stands at Badal stud and has a crop of 17 racers with 2 winners
@Winners-Sure Speed and Star Prospect.
The only once raced sire is another immature being at this stage though he has the breeding which may do well for this smallish stud.

7. FOREST GAZELLE by Green Forest stood at Dashmesh Stud and in his only crop of 7 fols has yet to get a winner.
The sire had been a very average performer in India and hence it is likely that the crop of this sire can be ignored.

8. BLUE GRASS PRINCE by Bluebird stands at Jai Govind Stud and in a limited crop of 4 fols has yet to show out. This grand son of Storm Bird replaces CASE Law and has a decent track performance winning graded races in GB and USA. He has been relocated from Ireland after a luke warm stud performance over 6 crops.

9. RAMBUS by Placerville stands at Track Supreme Stud and has two foals in his first crop. Th winner of a grade 2 race is not likely to get much of support at this laid back stud.

Sires who had two winners each in their crops(shown in brackets) respectively are:-

(a). ANSBACH son of Alnasr ALwasheek stands at Param Vir Stud - 5th crop of 7 ( Laguinnas and flying Majesty).
(b).DANCING BEGGAR by Nueyev stood at Jaipur Stud - last and 9th crop of 9 ( Aspire and Jewel In The Crown).
©.. Don Michelleto by Machiavellian stands at Nakul Stud - 8th crop of 15( Magic million and Don Valentino)
(d). Dancing Beggar by Nureyev stood at Jaipur Studs- 9th crop of 9 ( Aspire and Jewel In the Crown)
(e). HAMMERSTEIN by Kris stands at Krishna Stud - 5th crop of 15(Pegasus Belle and Class n Mystic)
(f). MISCHEVIOUS MUSIC by Believe It stands Pratap Stud -12 th crop of 13(Island Rhythm and Pure Power)

. The other sires who got a single winner each in their crops(shown in brackets) respectively are:-


The sires with more than 5 in their crop but who have failed to get a winner are:-

(b) DARK NILE(5)
(d) LIBOR(9)


(a) Placerville and Razeen have dominated the racing scene in the country for well over a decade. With both the top sires aging their produce is no more dominating in the classics. The worrying thing is that their produce are not winning regularly at the top level and are suspect for staying distances. A large number of got abroads have done well in last few years and this trend is likely to continue unless resident sires prove a good match The classic scene was dominated by JACQUELINE and BECKET with some challenge coming from the home breds like CHANGE OF LUCK, NATIVE KNIGHT & ONASSIS etc .

(b) Razeen failed to give us any 4 year old black type winner, perhaps SET ALIGHT last year was the last good one from him. In case of Placerville CHANGE OF LUCK won a fighting finish in Invitation Cup mostly due to the over confidence of the badly ridden shortest price favorite BECKET. Placerville still retains enough class to get black type winners and perhaps still remains the best sire in the country as on date. The alarming sign is that only five runners from a large crop of 51 has emerged winner. This year’s crop is looking very moderate for his standards.

(c) CHINA VISIT is better than what most people have started to believe. He has performed very credibly in Western India and gets decent speedy ones, stamina is the main worry.

(d)GLORY OF DANCER is a sire for all distances, winning two consecutive Indian Derby’s brought him to limelight last year. The capability to get the staying trips has been noticed as he has matured as a sire.

(e) BURDEN OF PROOF was most impressive last year, and he is likely to dominate the racing in Bangalore circuit in the summer and monsoon seasons. The sire produces some good speedy and precocious types. Surprisingly he does not have any buyers in western India and his breed is only for the locals.

(f) ONTARIO has been very consistent, the offspring’s are precocious and it is easy to sight winners by him. Though he has got winners even over staying trips but majority of the crop is bred for sprints. The stud farm has shown tremendous growth with a large influx of foreign blood which augurs well for the sire.

(g) DIFFIDENT has been one of the very versatile sires in the last decade, he has given very good crops from quality mares, falls just short of expectations at the classic scene, the produce is speed oriented.

(h) No new sire has been extraordinary in the last few years. Many have died prematurely after some promise and the freshman’s have not been much to talk about. EMERALD CAT appeared to have class and quality but his death has deprived us of a good sire to take over the mantle from the above mentioned seasoned sires.

(I) The disappointments last season have been IKHTYAR, PUERTO MADIERO,BRAVE ACT, SENURE, BLACK CASH, and ROYAL KINGDOM. Other aging sires have their share of winners at various centers but are not good enough to produce class racers.

(j). The freshman sires this year have not impressed apart from EMERALD CAT. EMERALD CAT has a large crop to keep us excited this year and be ready to accept good results from him in the current season. It is also visualized that crops of other new sires would be just about average this year like that of the freshman’s last year and the year before.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

1. Rocky Silence and nature at its best , like what I had experienced while posted at Pt 4729 on the Indo chinese border at Tangtse in Sikkim in 1984. I can equate the present quite surroundings of the apartment block in the North Eastern corner of ALMHULT the smallish town located in the southern portion of Sweden with those times and to top this similarity the chill factor is quite the same. The snow had piled up in winters but has just melted from the surroundings in a months time as post Easter the summer season appears to have set in for the locals, so what if I still have my coat and balacalava on most of the times.The night temperature remains as in winters and when there is no sun, it remains gloomy and cloudy.

2. ALMHULT is a smallish town with a population of about 10,000 persons. Our apartment is at the extreme eastern end of the town as the forest leading to a very scenic and off the road MOKELEN lake with nice small cottages laid out for renting and a serene löcale. Next to our house is the Haga Trail for morning walks of about 3.5 Kms, I got to see quite a few persons exercising with their dogs as the snow was thawing .The Swedes love their dogs and cats, I thought that I was overdoing it at home, but some of them are equally considerate for their pets. The town is neatly laid out with the shopping centre and the business establishments located around the railway station which is well served by trains from all the important stations.

3. A large number of old and well structured buildings stand in cluster juxtapositioned with modern smallish flats cum apartments in the main square .The market place is in front of the railway station, the whole area of about a Km or so could be described as the hub of the town. The shops and the stores are very neatly located as is in all towns and communes, there is a lot of symmetry which is evident once one gets round to other places. On the other side of the railway tracks is the domain of IKEA, the company which has given some recognition to these environs. IKEA is a privately run, multinational company which is a pioneer Swedish venture in flat pack design home and office furniture and accessories with a very vast inventory. It was a pleasure to visit a few of this company’s stores where the prices are very moderate even by our local standards and the quality of products is top class , wonder why India doesn’t have one. Maybe the competition would be too much for our local industries to handle.

4. The swedes or the locals are very quite by nature, the harsh climatic conditions have had their effects and with the socialstic cultural backgrounds the people tend to live in their own world. The only thing with which they acknowledge the others is by a courteous salutation of ´´ hej´´ spoken as ´hey- i` when somebody passes by on the road.This salutation is only observed in smaller places like Ålmhut. I heard that in big cities they ignore outsiders but here they are quite decent, may be a bit intolerant to the outsiders now working along with them. Here I would like to insert a couple of lines which I have picked up from blogs.

A random “Hello” and a smile, from a Swede in Stockholm, while they are in an alcohol-free state of mind: PRICELESS
The best way to really bother a Swede in Stockholm is to sit next to them on an empty train and say Hi!

5. The” moose country” people are an indoor tribe if ever there is , in winters no one seems to come out of their homes, except for picking up necessities from the stores and the summers may just last for a couple of months. The mornings are devoid of any outside or roadside activity, the day time is the same and so are the evenings. It is very normal for most to have early dinner and then go to bed. Life in winters is spent in a hibernation mode and there is a quick change over in surroundings and the people once the spring time arrives. All leisure and festivity or merry making is indoors, or in the village cottages/farmhouses where people spend their weekends. A significant deviation in the Swedes is absence of religion in their lives, most people are non believers, though each commune has a very typical church which look dominating and well kept as one drives by the country side. The divorce rate is very high and family life is rarely seen as the aging population comprises mostly of loners.

6. The influence of the western cuture is luring for the younger generation as in most nations. Music and night life may be the factors which attract the youth here to rub shoulders with each other, contrary to the sedate life style witnessed in routine.

7. In my short stay here I have not seen more than a couple or may be a few times when four or five boys and girls are in a group. You will never see the people idling about or in a cluster; even at the railway stations and the bus stops they tend to stand apart and refrain from conversation of unecessary kind.On the roadside one never hears any loud conversation or talking across the tarmac, yes the universal habit of quitely speaking on cell phone or listening to i- pod while walking outside has caught on here too. They live well and most persons have their summer and winter cars, boats\ yachts , bicycles and mobikes etc. The traffic discipline is to be seen to be believed, no horns and all courteous to the extreme for the pedestrians and the errants.

8. People in bigger cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg etc which I have seen are as in metropoles of such cities anywhere in the world. Fast moving and crowded shopping arcades, lots of fashion and the usual hussle bussle and look busy sense of such worlds. The fashion is mostly north Europeon with the females outdoing it very noticeably.

9. Tight Jeans [worn out, holes deliberately fashioned] or skins and hugguing tops with fancy caps , high heels and knee boots being the rage, these certainly add to the blondes, brunettes and the dyed or multi coloured mopped madonnas . The girls appear smarter than the boys , a large percentage of whom are bald at an early age for strange reasons.

10. Males are mostly casualy dressed, again in tight jeans or torn jeans, unicoloured jackets or wind cheaters, I hardly saw any one formally dressed here, no coats, trousers and ties etc.On the whole the fashion is not what may be seen in better part of Europe.A word about the mammas, the older ladies are really more conscious of their attire and looks than the carefree young’uns. It is a pleasure to see the retired and the mature ones living in high self esteem and maintaining good elegance about them , it is in complete contrast to the ones back home in India. The swedes are hooked onto smoking, most population are addicted to the puff and seeing men and women of 70 or 80 puffing away regularly in the open areas is a common site.Smoking is totally banned indoors through out and followed well. The market places and the tourist spots are very European with a plethora of tinker and gift shops, eateries and fashion shops with lots to offer. For a vegetarian, there is a very limited choice and that is one area where one itches for the back home culinary fulfillment.

11. The best part of the nation is the countryside, the green forests make up for the large portion interspersed with lakes and biggish waterbodies. The forests line most of the roads and in between are the isolated houses of the communes, what is striking is the similarity of the design and construction of the well spaced out double decker houses. Most have the typical swede architecture, predominant choice of red, yellow and blue colored façade with white frames. In fact all communes or the villages look very similar to the one a few Kms away.

12. There are no multistories except in big cities. It is rare to see any one along the roads or doing any sort of manual labour. The spaces are all devoid of any human activity. For Kms along the roads the only thing are the smoothly moving vehicles only.I heard it is similar on US roads but I am accustomed to the chaotic road population of India. The neatness of the country side, the sign postings and the monitoring of the highways, punctuality of the trains , three tired underground railway system, public facilities etc add so much to ones quality of life.

13.For tourists or casual visitors the big cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsingborg,Jonkoping etc have the usual to offer, the snow infested sea sides with windy and very well kept harbours, quays and the beaches and off course the appealing market places. The air smells fresh unlike in Asian ports which have a predominant fishy odor for miles around.

14. The swedes have a bit of history , the harsh climatic conditions have spared them from the ravages of the great wars. The castles and the fort ramparts are few, there is the King’s palace and the usual museums at Stockholm. Name of Viking is the familiar word used in books for describing the historic generations but very little remembrance of their valour over centuries exists in the environs of today. Unlike our country the historic sites are very well kept and do not give the ravaged and dismantled look of the protected heritage sites of the much more rich and historic magnificence strewn across our land. It was amazing to visit the Vasa museum at Stockholm and visualize how deep and persevering the Swedes have been in preserving their history.

15. For a horse racing lover like me it was but natural to seek what was the scenario like . There are numerous stud farms all along the roads which are neatly fenced and one could often see the stock leisuring away in the snow infested open fields. The racing season is in summers and “buggy racing” with horses racing with chariot like carriages is another form of racing which takes place there. The older lot of people is hooked onto lottery in a bigger way as at most stores special kiosks for lottery and buggy cum horse / hound racing are neatly set up with computerized information system. The problem an outsider like me faces is that everything is in Swedish and people are not very keen to help out as patiently as in our country where it appears to be past time of many to dole out free advice to anyone and everyone including those who don’t even desire. Visit to stores specially for horse/ dog/cat equipment and feeds was very educative; the amazingly vast inventory on display was refreshing.

16. The discomfort of not been able to communicate due to language barriers, the monotony of the slow paced life apart , the enjoyable and memorable things were the vastly improved Quality of Life , pure nature and freshness in all things in around at all places. The civic sense, the courtesy, free and easy life made up for lack of communication and the comparatively expensive prices of daily needs. The present visit was short but sweet, next one I hope to enjoy and experience more.



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